Mom update -- GOOD NEWS!!

In October, my Mom had nearly inoperable Liver Cancer throughout her torso--liver, right lung, and diaphragm.

As of Friday, March 7th, after radical resection surgery and 2 months of treatment, her PET scan showed she was fine.

To the prayer warriors from Ashland to Louisville, for the thousands who heard mom's story on WLJC TV from Beattyville, and to those who sent encouragement through this blog, email, and in person, my thanks.

The best moment for me was when Maria stayed with Mom for 5 straight days and nights, getting to know one of the most awesome women out there--Grandma Dottie. Mom's drive, love, and life shall go on for another season, at least. And she's ready to undertake those challenges, for however long God wishes she remain on this earth. Through it all, she's ready to meet Him whenever, but promised me she'd enjoy things until then.

I don't think you can ask more from life than that.

God bless and keep you all.

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