Still here...

(Written using IE 7, since Firefox 3b2 is still as unstable as a tween headed to a Hannah Montana concert...)

I was up until 11 checking-in & building code for our 2/15 deadline, and it seemed like 10 seconds afer I closed my eyes, the weather radio started its DEEDLE-DEEDLE-DEEDLE of a warning:

"...has issued a Tornado Warning for...Scott County in Central Kentucky." Jumped up and checked the radar and, sure enough, God's own squeege was headed across the state. So, we woke-up the kids (1:15 am...ah, family time!) and huddled in our secure bunker, a.k.a. the 4-foot-wide half-bath in our hallway.

Yeah, that's the only room in our house without an outside wall.

Anyway, the sirens went off, we hung out for 1/2 an hour and went back to bed. Surveying the damage this morning, we lost two pieces of flashing off our eves, but nothing worse. The storm hit the house head-on, from the South/Southwest, much like a ship heading into the wind. Had it come directly west, it could've been much worse.

So far, 7 are confirmed dead across the state (mostly folks who stuck around in Mobile Homes too long), and Georgetown is down one Holiday Inn

Whitney's calling a contracting friend of ours from church to see about the eves. Should have pics up tonight or tomorrow.

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