Random TV goings-on...

Joey: "I wish we had cable."

* * *

LOST why do I care again?

Eli Stone actually made it through a whole episode and found some stuff to like. On the whole, I'd rather sleep, but eh. This one gets the biggest award for "Zero chemistry between main character and his ice queen fiancee."

Oh, and Sydney's dad from Alias is a co-star. He pretty-much plays the same character. And 'Ed' shows up in flashbacks as his Dad.

* * *

I'm just ready for a day off and some sleep. If I felt like a superstar last week, I feel like congealed oatmeal this week.


  1. yes but if you add water and reheat it, congealed oatmeal can be pretty good. by the way, you left something on at home. (K)


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