Thought about this on the way in today...things I'd like to do before I die (yeah, alot of them are car-related, so I'd better do them before they outlaw the internal combustion engine...)

* Watch the 24 Hours of Daytona
* Attend the Skip Barber Racing school.
* (Re)Build an engine from scratch
* Do the Classical Grand Tour: Rome, Florence, Venice, Athens.
* Visit Paris (France, not Kentucky...)
* Have a ride in an aerobatic airplane/fighter jet.
* Attend the Grand Prix of Monaco
* Go sailing in the Carribean. (No Hurricanes, please!)
* Learn to play piano
* Go to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
* Visit Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Gettysburg.
* Learn Spanish (seems like a must nowadays...)
* Learn Greek.
* Read: St. Augustine, Plato, Martin Luther, John Locke
* Run a 10k
* Write a poem for each of my kids
* Contribute *something* to greater society that has my name on it...

Yes, I'd like to travel, and no, I don't see me ever doing it. The Earth is 25,000 miles around, and so far I've seen precious little of it. I'm not sure that Africa, Asia, South America, Antarctica, or Australia really exist. Or Mexico. I'm a little sketchy on Mexico. But oh well, maybe my kids will be globetrotters!

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