Tales from the budget...

So, I'm looking at my budget today, and I notice that I'm spending ~19% of my take-home pay on housing (yay--well within our means), but 27% on transportation, including: Van payment, gas for 3 cars, registration, repairs + upkeep, and insurance.

:-) I'm thinking of moving to new york!

* * *

On the opposite tack, I came home last night to find that someone had left the passenger-side sliding door open on the van. For 2 hours. In a driving thunderstorm.

Yes, the water-in-the-car theme continues for me. Happily, that side was on the leeward side of the prevailing storm, and most of the soaking was the seat itself, which I removed from the van. Whitney spent the better part of an hour last night drying it out, and we left it toasting in front of my new electric heater in the garage all night. Seems to have dried, mostly.

After the experience with the Beamer, I HATE MILDEW! The smell, the way it envelops you like moldy death...ugh...

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