Ruminations while Compiling

Ah the joys of compiling a large native product from scratch. The time to get a cup of coffee, or blog. Some random musings:

* The stock market is in the crapper, and will probably stay there. The economy is fundamentally flawed, the the recession has already started--no one's owning up to that yet. I'm reading Alan Greenspan's "Age of Turbulence", and I don't think we've seen this sort of market since the 1980's, though this is sort of a hybrid--recession, but without fundamental strength in finance. Actually, it might be exactly like the early 1980's, where the banking industry tried to kill itself lending money to Latin America.

* I'm rather proud of the way our new administration in Kentucky has opened a dialog on our financial crisis--the general fund will be something like 300 million dollars short for the current fiscal year. If you were one of the losers (like me) watching KET last night you saw the Republican and Democratic leadership of the Senate sit at a conference table and respectfully debating the ins-and-outs of how we might survive this as a solvent state. That didn't happen with Fletcher in office, despite the same players existing in the General Assembly.

Now, as long as they don't turn to expanded gaming as a panacea, I look forward to wath they come up with.

* It's been FREAKISHLY WARM here in Kentucky...65 degrees+ for the last two days. The cataclysmic storm front's coming our way, though...hope we don't get the severe weather that Missouri got last night.

* Work's been going well since the New Year...I seem to have reacquired my momentum and mojo. Things that took forever before are taking less time and I can "see my way through the maze" better. The biggest contributor here was getting some actual production code to work's hard to get a feel for a codebase without a project inside it. Now that I have my footing, everything's coming easier.

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