"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is a turd

I thought it odd that when I checked-out Rich Dad, Poor Dad as a book-on-tape from the library that the first cassette was not rewound. Nor was it at the end of a side...it seemed as though someone had stopped in the middle of the tape. None of the other tapes were that way.

Then I found out why: This book is complete crap.

I suffered through half the tape, then took the book back. The author kept spouting platitudes like "Poor people work for money, Rich people have money work for them," wrapped in some saccharine false anectdote format.

The shtik is the author is a 9-year old boy, who has two father figures. One his actual father (Poor Dad), who was (in his estimation) a loser who trusted others to take care of him--job security, government entitlements, and his standing as an academic. The other had an 8th grade education but true entrepreneurial spirit, and so he became a rich man.

I suffered through an hour of this guy's overblown, self-important crap and couldn't stand it anymore. I took it back to the library, again with the first tape set halfway through, as a clue to the next guy that this isn't worth listening to!

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