Review: Fantastic Four--the Rise of the Silver Surfer

Really enjoyed this one, in spite of myself. Jessica Alba's hot, thought her blonde hairdo is jarring at best.

Lots of humor and social commentary here, especially surrounding Alba--she wishes for a normal life, she laments being the hottest woman on the planet, she exclaims after a 'wardrobe malfunction,' "Why does this always happen to me?!"

The beginning was very slow, as they try to ease us back into the characters we knew from the punchier 1st installment. The Four have grown very accustomed to their powers and their role as planetary protectors, so much so that they seem bored. Unfortunately, that's exactly the same feeling I get about the actors here--phoning it in, hitting their marks, but without the snap of the 1st movie. This felt more like a really, really expensive TV show than a summer blockbuster: The actors seem comfortable in their characters, and the scope of the action always centers around them. Some of the lines delivered seem like before-commercial, writers-room fodder, especially the lines from Ben Grim.

Despite that, Susan's inner turmoil provides enough depth to carry the story along. Is she REALLY that in love with Reed, the hopeless nerd? Does she still feel attracted to Von Doom, in spite of herself? And, when she gets to know the surfer, why do we feel she'd totally hit that?

I liked this movie alot, if only because it moved along, entertained, and retained its sense of humor. It also didn't subject us to whiney monologues from the main character like Spiderman!

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