The weekend...

It was a blessedly content, stresss-free and safe weekend. The SNOW ADVISORY WEATHER EVENT turned out to be all hype (could it have been anything else?), with only a few flakes in Georgetown.

On Saturday, we picked-up Mom to go to my cousin's baby shower; Bryan and Dixie are expecting their first child on February 6th. I keep admonishing them to wait 'til the 10th just for easy scheduling.

Mom is remarkable. But, of course, you knew that if you read this blog with any regularity. She estimated herself 80% recovered from the surgery, and blessedly pain-free on her right side. Shoulder pain? Gone. Back pain? Gone. She's delighted her doctors throughout with her progress.

She is starting simultaneous oral chemotherapy and targeted radiation this week, so keep those praryers coming, Prayer Warriors.

By some incredible fluke, despite scoring a measly 85 points, my team looks like it's in the finals of our fantasy football league. Going into tonight's game, it also looks like the ringer team, featuring Tom Brady, Randy Moss, LT, and Adrian Petersen, may be down for the count. So the finals might be #2 (me) versus the #4 seed. Bizarre stuff...thank you Mr. Blizzard! (And, Tony Romo's thumb injury)

I'm getting really excited about Christmas...Thursday is my last day of the year!

Work's been going really well...crunch time on a few products, and panicky Project Managers face deadlines with few employees left through January. That's one good thing about my new team: We piss and moan, but we never panic. :-)

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