Mom Update -- chemo starting tomorrow

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers as I've shared about Mom's sickness. I've not posted more, out of deference to her, and simply because we didn't know much.

Mom had surgery on Halloween, but didn't get any follow-up on pathology results until 2 weeks later, November 16th. That day, we went into the Transplant Clinic at UK Hospital (!) to get some results. I won't go into it fully here, but it's a rare hybrid of two cancers of the liver itself. They said to set-up an appointment with Oncologists as soon as she felt better.

So, Mom went in last Friday and had her first appointment with the Markey Cancer Center Oncologists. He and his team of nurses and nurse-practitioners really raised her spirits. They've got her on a plan of IV and oral chemotherapy to attack any remnants of the cancer they resected on Halloween. I think it's an 8-week round of therapy overall.

Throughout her life, Mom has been a survivor. When her mom died, she survived. When her father orphaned her and her 3 younger siblings, she took care of them all. In the Fall of 1978, she was pregnant, building a house, holding-down a full-time job, and her husband's place of business burned to the ground. Through all of it, she survived.

This will not beat Mom. It may beat her body (eventually), but her spirit has survived worse than this. Whatever comes, God will take care of her. I just pray a bit more of that is still on this earth, particularly with her Grandchildren, who miss her very much.

Good luck tomorrow, Mom. We all love you.

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