Heresy...Firefox has jumped the shark?

I've been with Firefox ( originally Phoenix, then Firebird, forked to IceWeasel) for years now. Yes, it was the chip off the old block (Son of Mozilla, rise!), and it was build upon Good Code©, and it bore no hint of That evil corporation that won the browser war by not playing fair

It was the best parts of mozilla, with none of the bloat of the suite (that email program that no one used)

Great. Except now, Firefox (both 2.0.1839 and 3.0B1) LEAK MEMORY LIKE A FRICKIN' SIEVE. On no planet should I have 4 tabs open and have a resident size of firefox of 256MB. I currently have google reader, blogger, netflix, and open in IE and it's using 94MB. Granted, that's insane enough, but it's 200MB less than Firefox.

Firefox 1.5 wasn't like this--you could leave it up for days with dozens of tabs, no problem. Both 2.0 and Beta 1 of 3.0 are just unstable.

Makes me sad, but I'm considering using IE. IE 7 is fast, tightly integrated with Windows, and doesn't annoy me too badly (I'm looking at YOU IE 6!)

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