quick hit movie reviews

Watched several movies over the past few days (Thank you, Netflix). Some thoughts on them:

Constantine: Creepy, dark film about a man blessed/cursed to see the interplay between angels and demons in our world. I really liked it, especially for its vivid portrayal of Hell.

The Muppet Show: Wow, this doesn't age well. It's about as interesting to the modern eye as the 70's variety shows upon which it's based. Plus, without "Pigs...in...space." Bah!


  1. Movies I've seen lately...
    1. Perfect Strangers. A good friend recommend this. I told him afterwards he is no longer allowed to recommend movies to me. Ever. This movie leaves you with the same feeling you might get after finding someone had barfed in your food. After you ate it.
    2. Bertie and Elizabeth. Interesting and sympathetic look at the lesser-known brother of Edward VI (and a very unsympathetic look at the woman he dumped the crown for)
    3. Beowulf. Some are panning this because it doesn't follow the original story exactly. Actually it does fairly closely but adds some unifying elements that I thought worked rather well. I liked it a lot, but adaptations don't have to be authoritative versions for me to enjoy them; I guess I'm not a purist.
    4. How Green Was My Valley. Sappy but touching.


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