My wonderful IT experience this morning

So, I'm trying to print something to our color printer. I go to our internet site to download a driver, then I find that the site is dog slow. So, I thought I'd report it to our IT operations.

IT Guy: Hello my name is ____. How can I assist you?

Me: The driver download site is very slow.

IT Guy: Let me check. (pause) No it's not.

Me: Umm...I've tried this three times and wasted 20 minutes of my life trying to print something.

IT Guy: Well, let me call one of our service technicians. (LONG pause). Yes, Harold? The technician confirms that he sees no slowdown with the site.

Me: Where are you?

IT Guy: mhrf-hfrm..dia.

Me: India?

IT Guy: Yes.

Me: Okay, well, as I recall, the site is hosted on different servers throughout the world, so couldn't I be seeing a different configuration than you are?

IT Guy: No, that is impossible. It is the same server. (...protracted discussion of how I must not be seeing what cannot occcur....)

Me: Ooookay. Thanks for your time.

IT Guy: Well, if you want to contact me further, please do so via Sametime.

Me: Sure thing.

* * *

Punchline? Our Sametime (Internal encrypted chat client) is down, too.


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