Mom update + election day

Mom slept pretty well last night, and is finally cleared for some solid foods. Everything is working in her digestive system, and they seem to be managing her pain well. She was resting comfortably (for the first time in 6 days) last night, according to my aunt.

* * *

Well, today is election day, or "The day the democrats take back the keys to the cesspit." Getting anything done in this state is akin to the intrigues of Lorenzo de Medici's Florence...everything is a political game. Fletcher went into the governor's mansions naively thinking he could undo centuries of entitlements and pork.

To be fair, his underlings and political "operatives" showed all the subtlety of a weed-whacker as they went through the transportation department, and they got burned for it. He lost the endorsement of the big stick in the party (Mitch McConnell [shudder...I hate that guy]), and his own Lieutenant Governor turned on him. Beshear scored big in ads, despite doing his most convincing Wallace Wilkinson impression, "I'll not raise taxes because I'll fund education with the That's right, GAMING!"

As icing, this Phone call business is just ridiculous. I hope there's a full investigation of who's doing this, and if it's really the Republican Party of Kentucky, I hope they all get streeted.

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