Birthday greetings!

Twenty-nine years ago today, I came squalling into the world, pissed-off that my head looked like this:

Mom was similarly disillusioned that my head was the size of this:

So, yeah...birthday. Pretty-much feels like any other day...I got one of these as a present:

As a result, my wife now gets to wake-up every morning at 5:20 on the dot to the sound of whirring blades, grinding coffee beans, and dripping hot water. I think of it as the gift that keeps on giving ;-)

Last year nearly killed me: Maria's birth, shipping my last version of MarkVision, losing Joey for the summer, deciding to change jobs, changing jobs, getting real with all my "stuff", miscarriage, Maria's burn, and now Mom's surgery--I can't believe all that was my 28th year.

The big thing I learned was I couldn't run and hide anymore. Everything around me had changed, but inside I hadn't. I was still egocentric, and did all these "selfless" things not because I wanted to, but because it was "the right thing to do". That bred resentment, resulting in anger. I was going down a pretty dark road, especially in August->September. My world felt like it was collapsing.

So, I stand here today, 29 years old, on a ledge, a haven. I've stopped sliding, but I've yet to start the climb up the mountain. I strive for the attitude and priorities to prevail: I have a great group of people to keep me honest, and a family that I love very much. I approach tasks now not as a burden, but as a way to serve my family--a way to show love.

Life isn't easy, but I find one's attitude towards it can make it easier.

God bless you all, and keep you. May His peace lighten your heart, and His truth light your way, always.


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