Trying to get back in the swing...

I had some really bad chili Wednesday night at church and...well, let's just say I won't be eating chili again for awhile. Maybe ever. I awoke around midnight and began a 36 hour nausea bender, combined with weakness, muscle aches, and general exhaustion.

Yep, I was sick.

So, Thursday and Friday pretty much didn't exist, and Saturday. Well, Saturday was hard. No excuses, just...I was not my normal, loving self; I was abnormally self-loving, and that wasn't cool.

We accomplish much outside once I could stand upright. We dug-up the front planter and put in a Japanese maple and 3 hedges. (Hey, considering I trimmed the holly bushes back to a nub and killed all the backyard stuff with deck sealant, we needed SOMETHING!)

So, I'm back at work today, with a meeting to figure out where (if anywhere) we can go with all this Web Services stuff. My stomach's still not feeling its usual cast-iron self, but aside from that, all is well.

Quick hits:
- Still haven't purchased a minivan
- No new house
- No one has sustained any dread injury
- The house has no new leaks (internal or external!)
- My fantasy football week STANK. I'll be lucky to pull out a win with my sparkling 99 points. Ugh...I hate being an 'also ran'.
- "Knocked up" is brilliant.
- "George Carlin: Back in Town" is profane and mean. Ergo, it's a typical George Carlin set.

Topic for later: I think Jesus would be a Democrat. Just something that hit me in church yesterday.

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