Near tragedy...

At 11am Saturday, while she was out enjoying breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Whitney and her Grandmother Cathy, my daughter Maria was scalded over 10% of her body by a carafe of boiling water. The waitress sat the water too close to her, and she reached out and pulled it onto herself.

She was seated in a highchair at the time, and the boiling liquid burned her from the center of her chest to her waist, and the upper part of her right thigh. A nurse behind Whitney directed them the administer first aid, and an ambulance took her directly to the University of Kentucky hospital E.R.

Evaluating the burn, the doctors said it was 2nd degree, and should not require surgery. They admitted her to the Children's Hospital, room 441, where she remained for observation until yesterday afternoon. Doctors administered morphine in the ER, tylenol with codene at the Children's Hospital, and we're managing her pain with straight tylenol and motrin here at home.

She's been given an advanced type of burn dressing that will remain on the burn until it heals, keeping it sterile and moist, and preventing infection. She's in pain and has little appetite, but seems to be "herself". She's supposed to go back to the KY clinic Friday for evaluation by the plastic surgeons.

There's been an outpouring of love from our family, friends, and church. Both sets of grandparents have been down to help, and our church family is providing our dinners this week.

I'm home today, as Whitney and I are both exhausted.

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