Mom update

My mom's having surgery tomorrow morning. Preliminary indications are the 'thing' on her liver (they switch from calling it a lesion or a tumor every other time.) isn't cancer. She still has one more test to undergo tonight, then she is "top of the list" for surgery tomorrow at UK.

I just spoke with her, and she seems a little tired and on some pain meds, but she doesn't seem scared.

I'm taking tomorrow off work to be there for the surgery.

* * *

In case you can't tell, I'm a bit of a "Momma's Boy", and I love my mother very much. I've not agreed with her much since I got saved and became a man, but we've always had a special relationship and I hope and pray this "thing" is just as mundane as they said.

I have a bad feeling it is more than they're saying, but as Whitney says, "You ALWAYS have a bad feeling..."


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