Maria Update II

Nearly a week on and no update on my daughter. Sorry!

As is typical with me, no news is good news--Maria's Aquacell bandages (think big synthetic scabs) have fallen off, and her torso is healing very well. It's trending more towards a healthy pink away from the angry red that it was.

We're not so pleased with her leg. Her wound there is still seeping in two places; we're calling the Dr's for opinions on that.

As I said before, her mood is pretty normal for an 8-month-old (just as of yesterday): She's curious about everything, and very concerned with how much her teething hurts her. I love her toothless grin so much, it almost pains me to think of her with teeth. Still, that's part of it--can't eat baby food and formula forever!

I'll try to post-up some pics soon, thanks to our new iMac 20". MAN I LOVE THAT COMPUTER!

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