Fantasy Football!!!

Yeah, you knew it had to happen...I like football. Why not indulge in that national passion--Fantasy Football.

My team's called the 'Madden 09 Wannabees', and we had our draft at Bufallo Wild Wings on Todd's road:

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Anywho, Here's the linueup I got (picked #8 in a serpentine draft):


  1. RB - Brian Wetbrook - Philly

  2. RB - Willis McGahee - Balt'more

  3. QB - Vince Young - Ten

  4. WR - Larry Fitzgerald - Arizona

  5. WR - Plaxico Burress - NY Giants

  6. TE - Tony Gonzales - Kansas City

  7. RB - Ahman Green - Houston

  8. K - Josh Scobee - Jacksonville

  9. Def - Dallas

Da Bench:

  1. RB - Jamal Lewis - Cleveland

  2. WR - Joey Galloway - Tampa Bay

  3. RB - LenDale Whilte - Tennesee

  4. WR - Jerry Porter - Oakland

  5. QB - Rex Grossman - Chi-town. (yes, yes, I caught alot of ridicule for this one...)

  6. TE - Ben Watson - New England

Went in with a pretty conservative strategy:
- 3 decent running backs, with two backups (or trade fodder)
- 2 good WR's, with 2 alternates.
- 1 backup each for QB & TE.
- A Kicker and a Defense of some sort.

This is a point-per-reception league, which will probably burn me. I was drafted too late to get a real stud running back (Westbrook is #8 on my depth chart). My real regret is not making the obvious pick in the 2nd round to get Peyton Manning instead of a Running Back. PEYTON MANNING!!! Meh, he'll probably have a let-down year. You know, only 25 TD's instead of 31. ::sigh::

The draft itself was very enjoyable; a bit past my bedtime, and I was definitely feeling it. I got pretty cranky towards the end but a nice trip back up the interstate, shifting my rejuvinated transmission perked me up.

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