Loving a good rant

Project management in the software industry seems to suffer from a level of delusion that would get a person heavily medicated and assigned to a padded room for their own safety. One definition of insanity is expecting different results from the same input. And yet project after project gets planned with the same naive assumption that deliverable dates will be met, changes will not be added at the last minute and that senior VPs will not want to mark the project by making a pointless last minute addition just so they can say they had input into the project and justify their salaries.

Not saying I totally agree with this guy, but an overwrought 'I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore' rant is fun to watch.

* * *

I've not dealt with this lately because I quit my job. Or rather my many jobs: Team lead, offshore development coordinator, technical advisor, management flunky, and maintenance support programmer. Wasn't that I didn't like it; I'm enough like my parents that I love to work.

I just took a step back and saw where it all was going--nowhwere. More work, more responsibility, and an asymptotic increase in stress level. I finally asked Whitney one day, "Do you think I'm a happy person?"

A: "You used to be."

That was a wakeup call.

Yep, it's like I'm the old me again--straight talk, relaxed, appreciative of others, able to think about stuff besides work.

Didn't quit my company; just applied for and got another job. It's quite possible my company may quit me, but again--not too worried about it. It's pretty much in God's hands, and I believe He'll give me the tools to deal with it.

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