Janitorial Spin

Replying to your earlier email about the quality of my work.

I'd just like to reiterate that while your comments about the bathroom and vending areas are valid (and appreciated), I would remind you that this building has four floors. I agree that your floor is sub-optimal. I think our whole product support organization would join me in echoing your sentiments that toilets that flush are preferable to 'sewer gas spewing [expletive deleted] holes'.

Please allow me to recharacterize: The other three floors of this building have been in production for six years now, and have given very many good years of service. They've met (and, indeed, exceeded!) all customer and business requirements. I'd like to build consensus and shift the conversation to those positive aspects, and away from the bad report from the unfortunate incident.

After all, the other three floors are key business-drivers. We have four gold-class accounts served by those floors. I agree that, as you put it, the 'damned visitor center' is on the floor that is sub-optimal. But really, how can we count the number of people in the visitor's center? We have metrics proving that those four accounts are very happy with my cleaning work.

Really, it's a matter of perception. Please remember that before CC'ing the CEO about "Billy being eaten by the rats in the vending area."

Thank you for your attention.

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