Superman Returns Review

The powers that be bought the whole regular employee cadre tix to the matinee of Superman Returns. I hated it, but then I didn't care for the first 4.

The movie comes (in the dc comics reality) after the events in Superman II, but prior to those of Superman III. Superman left 5 years ago to investigate the last-known position of Krypton, his homeworld, only to find the world has all but forgotten him and that his former love has a new live-in man and a 5-year old kid.

This expensive, Bryan Singer-directed film was all the superlatives--stunning visuals, sweeping story, well-developed characters.

But I didn't like it...Kate Bosworth was the same icky, unattractive Lois Lane as Margot Kidder, and Brandon Routh was the same smirking Superman as Chris Reeve. However, Routh is somehow less emotionally engaging.

There are many bright moments: The film lapses into comedy (maybe even camp) once we've hit the rising action. One precious scene has Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor chewing the scenery as he rejoins with Lois. And, for once, someone FINALLY typecasts Parker Posey as the screeching bimbo she showed us in Best In Show

In summary, the defining thought I had going home was "How many starving people could've been feed for this film's budget?"

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