The shortest PKI trip ever

One ride.

Yep, one trip from the park entrance directly to The Beast killed our day. Me with a bruised ribcage, Whitney with debilitating feminine issues. Tip for those headed to PKI: Put your arms DOWN if you're a big guy through the turns, I got racked back-and-forth between the 1st hill & the helix (after the braking run) and seriously couldn't breathe for the rest of the ride. They've built the seat bolsters up so much that it's just PAINFUL.

So, we left church, drove 92 miles to PKI, stayed for 3 hours, then drove back. Thank goodness it was on LXK's dime, minus the 1/4 tank of gas.

In other news, if you go to PKI's first aid stations, they'll give you free over-the-counter medication, no-questions-asked. :-)


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