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On Father's Day. This is a new "day" for me, and I must say, I like it. I got some cools gifts and Joey, Whitney, and I really liked it.

Whitney got me some neat cologne + aftershave ("Truth" from Calvin Klein), which I've been wearing for the past week, and Joey got me a baseball glove.

Joe-man and I played catch for the first time, and it was AWESOME! :-)

* * *

Anyway, watched Bob Roberts on VHS last night, a long-term loan from Erik. Awesome, yet horrifying flick: A divisive, anti-intellectual demagogue arises and manipulates the Pennsylvania populace. An ensemble mockumentary, this movie skewers most of Washington, and it still seems current & appropriate.

How much of our national budget goes to defense? How much needs to? How do you "win" a war on terror?

My biggest regret from watching this film is noticing how different Congress is today from how it was in 1990. There are no moderates, only radicals on both sides.


  1. Bob Roberts is a favorite of mine. It ranks right up there with Bulworth and Wag the Dog, as far as political satires go.


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