Mechanic’s Tale: Junkyard Dogs - The Car Connection

Mechanic’s Tale: Junkyard Dogs - The Car Connection: "In the crazy Jac Nasser years at Ford I kept hearing rumors of Ford attempting to buy up large numbers of junkyards. He chased every unprofitable business strategy that came down the pike, so I guess he could have taken the profit out of junkyards too."

(to the tune of "Oh, how I love Jesus")

Oh, how I hate Fo-ords,
Oh, how I hate Fo-ords,
Yes, Oh, how I hate Fo-ords,
Because they first hated me.

People speculated that Ford wanted cradle-to-grave control of their product. I have a different theory. He probably figured that by delivering the new Ford products directly to the junkyard, they cut out the costly dealer network and distribution system. He could also avoid dealing with those pain-in-the-neck old guys who actually bought Ford products and complained when they didn't perform right."


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