Announcement: Ppl @ LXK do stuff besides code

Neat "Battle of the Bands" type thing tomorrow night, courtesy of Sam Rhodus, my former team lead and all-around cool guy:

This Wednesday night (6/21/06) my band D-Sul will be competing in WKQQ's Decent Exposure at the Blue Moon. This contest is based entirely on fan votes so I'd love for you guys to get out and vote for D-Sul. The prize money would be enough to get our EP out the door. We're on late (Midnight), but you don't have to stick around late to vote for us. You can come, hangout with us, vote (as often as you'd like for $5 each) and leave. I would encourage you all to watch the show as it's pretty good, but your vote really counts here and it IS a school night : )
Show starts at 9pm, we're on at 12.

This is in Lexington, KY, if you're interested...

...I'll be doing bible study that night, but hey...:-)


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