700 posts + the weekend

:-) Can't believe I have 700 posts on here...wow.

* * *

Ah, the weekend: Joey, Whitney, and I went up to da Ville to attend a wedding. Small, neat affair off Peterson St in the Highlands. For a simple wedding-on-the-porch, it had lots of mishaps--Firetruck went by during the special music, flower-girl pancaked on the dancefloor (with exciting bleeding!), and the photographer's assistant passed-out.

Whitney felt faint and my persistent hamstring injury kept us off the dancefloor :-(

We spent the night w/Stu and Rachel.

* * *

We spent all of Saturday at the Louisville Science Center. Awesome place; pricey, but worth it.

* * *

Sunday was pretty awful...I was cranky and tired, and didn't really "wake up" until after 3pm.


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