What stank about having a MINI

Now that I'm a whole month removed from having one of the coolest cars of the last decade, I have some downsides for all those of you considering a MINI purchase.

  1. The 02-04's are garbage. BMW came to Oxford, England and converted a plant with...ahem..."sufficient" build quality to build a 21st century automobile. They simplified the mechanicals and did constant improvements, even amid model years. Get an 05 or 06, especially if you're getting an 'S'.

  2. Yeah, the trunk *is* that useless. It's a hatchback, but you'll need to tumble the rear seats forward to haul anything.

  3. Frameless windows. Ugh...what a dumb idea. They're fragile, they flutter, and they don't seal very well.

  4. Backseat. Yeah, it's too small

  5. The hatch leaked. For 10 months and 3 trips to the dealer.

  6. Engine. Okay, iron block, undersquare, 115hp out of 1.6L. It's a turd, in true English tradition. "I've got a tractor engine, but good handling."

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