Weekend in review

Happy Mother's Day to all...yes, my 2nd favorite made-up gifting opportunity holiday (after V-is-for-Vendetta Valentine's Day Chocolate Massacre) is Mother's Day. This one's actually nice, and it makes one feel good to treat the mom's of the world special today.

Whitney thought Joey and I had nothing up our sleeves, but was she wrong. She got THREE DAYS of gifts -- Flowers and a locket on Friday, a "Son in Law" DVD on Saturday, and some pearl earrings & cards on the day itself. We love her dearly and it made us happy to surprise her 3 times over.

Saturday was the Mayfest at Gratz park down by Transy's campus in OLD (1780's) Lexington. Brick Buildings, free carriage rides, and "Mommy! A viking ship!" Joey got to do all that, and also made some sand art. A nice outing before the cold & rain set-in for the rest of the weekend.

Had a bit of a scare Sunday with Whitney's reflux acting up in...uh...exciting ways, so we hit the G'town emergency room (she's fine!) before making it to a very-empty Frisch's Big Boy around 3. I mowed the yard at a trot/jog/run to stay ahead of the oncoming rain; I mowed the backyard wet :(

Had family movie night with Racing Stripes a sweet if implausible B-movie. The voice acting was good, and Wendy Mallick's never looked more like Cruella DeVille. :)

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