Q: How to kill a hobby??

A: Cold turkey.

First you realize that you have no spiritual, familial, or financial ability to do said hobby. Realize that it's costing you money you don't have, destroying the only car you have to get your butt to work. Moreover, understand that you don't have the time or funds to compete at the (obsessive) level to which you're accustomed. Realize there are more important things in this life and what comes after it to occupy your (limited) time. You have a son to raise and food to put on the table, and the coming years will likely be harder than even your history-savvy brain can imagine.

So, that's it. Time to move on, cash in my chips, put away my glasses and plaques, and stop fooling with autocross & SCCA altogether. Honestly, going to the meetings and talking to the guys while NOT doing any of the activities is too painful. Even going to lexistreets.com's SCCA board feels like peeking through the fence at the Burlesque show--it's a place I don't belong.

So, the events are off Airset, my Sunday's are free again for their intended purpose, and I'm searching for a new hobby.

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