The weekend that was...

I think the French have it about right...a 3-day-weekend rocks! I felt more relaxed and recuperated this weekend than in some 1-week vacations I've had.

Friday was all about selling the MINI; Took it down to Clean Sweep Carwash for the $159 detail. They did an okay job, and it did freshen the car and give it that sliding-butt-on-leatherette, new-car feel inside. The buyer on Friday was a bust..showed up in the rain from Cincy with a low-ball offer of $12,500, along with his best buddy Jeff who was the "bad cop". We negotiated and did the appropriate sabre-dance for AN HOUR AND A HALF, and he left after a last ditch offer of $14,200. Given that I had Mr. Musgrave coming on Saturday with a full-price offer almost assured, I passed.

So, the car got filthy and rainy during their test drive, so I got-up early Saturday to give her another wash anticipating the Musgraves's arrival. They showed-up at 10:45 to find Joey and myself playing baseball. Couldn't have been a better buying experience: They didn't haggle over the price, and they paid immediately. Had a bit of a scare transferring money via Paypal, but we got that resolved (everything's pending transfer, but should go through...), and it was fun finding a notary for the title at 11:59 on Saturday morning :)

* * *

Joey's birthday was a joy. Big guy's 5! Nothing too elaborate, but whitney baked an awesome cake (pics later tonight, I promise...), and he had a good number of gifts. The one he likes best, I'm proud to say, is the dome tent I had in the back of my mind for months. He's slept in it for the past 2 nights.

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