Kinda profound

So, I'm in chruch today and the sermon is on achieving a personal relationship with Christ...then it hits me.

God made people.

WHY!? I mean, think about it. . .You're the most powerful being in the universe. Omnipotent, omniscient, everywhere simultaneously. You ARE reality. You DEFINE everything we only have equations and intuition for--time, space, probability.

What do you need people for?

You're lonely.

I used to ask myself if God was bored. After all omniscent & omnipotent means you know all that's going to happen, right? Also, I used to get hung-up on the whole 'can God make an object that even he can't move?'

Yes he can: The human soul. He was powerful enough to create a being with free will, and when we worship him, it's a CHOICE, not a compulsion.

We exist, so I finally believe that free will exists.

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