The Cat in the Programmer's Hat

Once there was a Cat.
She was an old, wise Cat.

Cat came to the department.
The programmers didn't like Cat.
Cat made them work and be honest.

"Tell me the Truth!" said Cat.
So they told her the truth.
The managers didn't like Cat, either.

"Don't tell us the truth!" said the managers.
The managers were sad.
They needed to be done.
"Done, done, done by Christmas!" they said.

Cat was very cross with the managers.
"You may be done by May, but not one day before that day!" said Cat.
And then the managers still said,
"No, no! This will not do, this will not do at all, little Cat!"

And then they sent Cat away.

* * *

Well, folks, it's April 13th, and they sent Cat away, and looks like she was right. It might be done by May. Of course, by this point, it was the manager's idea all along. Naturally.

Miss ya, Cat. You were

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