Airset -- the greatest software that no one will use.

If you need: Todo lists, calendars, collaboration, or just to view the state-of-the-art in Web 2.0 apps, look no further: AirSet. This is the first calendaring app that's a pleasure to use, and I've been there/done that: Outlook, Lotus Notes 4/5/6, iCal, Thunderbird, Palm Desktop.

Thing is, I HATE schedules and being scheduled and scheduling, mainly because it turns me into an asshole, and I don't like being an asshole. I don't like being disappointed in myself, my teammates, and the people I love because they didn't fulfill some arbitrary schedule.

However, the above is a problematic attitude if you want to get anywhere in life. I've a sieve-like memory for the minutiae of life.

-What's the engine code for my 325's engine: M20B25.
-What's the bore x stroke of a Nissan SR20DE 2.0L motor? 86mm x 86mm
-What am I s'posed to be doing today? Uhh....

I need HELP, people!

So, airset is nice. It' easy--dare I say fun?--to use, it's available anywhere I have an internet connection, and there's no synchronization problem--I don't need to synch a palm pilot, lotus notes, and iCal to find out that Joey has swimming lessons next week.

Only thing is, it's doomed. Google has moved into this space with its substandard Google Calendar offering, garnering 10x the attention in 1 week as airset has in a year. Also, airset has no discernable business model--the pages have no ads, and there's no subscriber fee. I'm no MBA, but that says 'no way' to me.

But, I'll use it while I can, certainly!

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