Work habits in Zurich

So, around 4:30 Friday, busily trying to make the UBS server work as advertised, I heard something go 'tink-tink'.

Now, UBS's tech building is a huge cube-farm, arrayed around a central stack of elevators.  "Conference rooms" in such an environment are just a big cube with a conference table.  So, I swivelled my head left and saw the WHOLE AREA around a table, two cubes over.

Okay, I figured...birthday party or something.


Looking again, I couldn't believe my eyes.  I looked over at Charlie and said, "Charlie, they're having a KEGGER in the next cube!"

So, I look over at Yvonne's desk, thinking it's something special.  "What's up, Yvonne?  Birthday?" 

She formed the english and then said, "Ja.  Das is just Friday.  This happens every week."

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