Why my wife rocks

Still sitting here in the kitchen, committing most of the EB White decries in "Elements of Style" ("Omit needless words", "have something to say", "make definite assertions"), I thought about how much of a wonderful help-mate my wife has become for me.

I thought I functioned rather well as a bachelor. Minus cars, I was financially conservative, ate well, cleaned...umm...occasionally. However, with the new eyes of a husband and dad, I realize how much I was missing.

It begins, for me with the small things: I haven't been to the grocery store or walmart for any substantial purchase in months. Whitney's taken complete charge of the kitchen, minus some dabblings on my part every so often. My diet has improved from rice'n'beans and beans'n'rice to amazing dinners of fettucine, chicken marsala, spinach-stuffed steak, and all sorts of other dishes that she enjoys cooking. She believes in balancing meals with breads, meats, and vegetables, and everything is flavorful.

She considers the house her job, her place of work, and she strives there like a person bucking for a promotion. Things are clean and efficient, but still warm and lived-in: Clothes, dishes, furniture, dusting, bed linens, all done with the vigor of 6-foot-tall Brunhilda in a 4'10" body. Honey, if you ever doubt I appreciate those things, trust me I do!

She's also brought me back into church, for which I owe her eternal (literally!) debt. Her Christianity is different than mine--she's a legalist, I'm a golden-rule guy--but we have encouraged one another and our activities with our local church are awesome.

She's good with money. You might say, she's *perfect* with it--not a tightwad, but not a huge spender either. She has definite goals for money, and sees what it can do for her, which encourages me (the hoarding saver) to think in the same way. I'm sitting in the best example of that: Our kitchen is a warm blue that really like.

I'm a lucky, blessed man, and I thank God every day that He brought the two of us back together. Amen.

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