The weekend...

I think this pissed-off malaise I'm in boils down to being antsy. Whitney, Joey, and I weathered the non-winter, and now things are beginning that I can't do to my satisfaction--work outside on the house, go autocrossing, be home to play with Joey.

Doesn't help that our church didn't make its goal for paying off debt on the new property, despite all our efforts. Very frustrating, though Scott did a great job of playing-it-off last night at our "celebration" dessert social. Kinda thought it was a bad sign when only ~45 ppl showed at the 6pm service.

* * *

I miss autocross. I miss the dirty, smelly world of racing, the camaraderie of other car-nuts, the neat people I met on the periphery. I miss just being outside doing something, mostly. Again--I'm antsy.

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