Travelogue: Switzerland-> UBS

Midnight Thursday, Zurich time, 30k feet above the earth, in a 767 going 500 mph

6400 miles...that's what it is roughly from Atlanta to Zurich, and this ultra-mobile cylinder is eating them up smothly so far. They've just done first food service, announcing we're to be in the air long enough (8+ hours) that we'll be having dinner AND breakfast on this flight. Yikes.

What has me here? Stupidity, mostly...the customer saved their mission-critical issues for last, and their rollout of Lexmark printers is due Friday, one way or another. So, $6k worth of last-minute tickets has C and I headed over to Switzerland.

C's a great guy, 40+ salt-and-pepper hair, sporty and affable, with 6 kids. He's manager of our Product Support team, and I like his focused take on life

I've been more melodramatic than usual on this trip, telling everyone I've met (especially Whitney) goodbye like it's the last time I'll ever see them alive. Maybe Bella's fear of flying has spooked me.

* * *

In any case, I have plenty of reading material, plus I need a nap to stave off jetlag...


7:50 am Thursday 31k feet over Eastern France

Good MORNING! After ~5 hours of fitful sleep in my coach class seat, I enjoyed breakfast of a croissant, granola bar, and coffee. My feet are swollen from hours in the footwell, and my contacts didn't enjoy going back into my eyes, but otherwise, I'm no worse for wear. I feel like I've slept, and I'm excited to tackle the problems on the ground

I realized just after takeoff that I haven't spent a night away from Bella since we married. Wherever we were--her parents, our honeymoon, my folks' place--we always slept together. I think I may have a feeling not felt since high school--homesickness. :-) Means I have a home to go back to, I guess.


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