Quick hits....


- Kentucky lost in a worthy effort. Joey woke-up from his nap in time to half-watch the game w/10 mins to go in the 2nd. Not a great game, but a great performance from a mediocre team. Once Morris fouled-out, I knew we were done, but Sparks almost pulled it out.

- Yesterday was yard-work day, as Joey and I went out and honey-did: Put down pre-emergent, fertilizer, covered Whitney's flowers against the frost, pruned the rat's-nest of our pear trees, and swept the front porch. Not warm enough to do much else, but Spring is a-coming.

- Got my lawnmower blades hollow-ground for $4 Saturday. FOUR DOLLARS! W00t...sadly the shop in G'town (Lindsey's Outdoor Equipment) is up for sale as the owner (the eponymous Lindsey) is wanting to retire. The place was a treasure-trove of nice out door equipment--Stihl chainsaws, trimmers, bait, tackle, hardware, knives, etc. Yeah, it's a Harold candy-store.

- Missed my first autocross yesterday. It was hard, but I'm managaing.

- Check out this beauty that sold on Ebay just yesterday. It's like 50 miles from G'town. Just a bit overtuned to be streetable, but I wanted it so badly I could taste it.

- Latest E30 hunt I'm on:

1984 Model with the indestructible M10 engine. Didn't sell on ebay, so I sent a mail to the folks @ the Porsche dealership to see if they're willing to deal. Only a brisk 8 hour drive (one way!) from G'town...

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