Morning randomness

Stark awake at 5 this morning, as though it were a normal weekday, sitting here sipping coffee.

I love coffee. I grew up with two Folgers addicts and never could stomach the stuff, for a couple of reasons--Folgers is made from high caffeine, low-flavor Robusta beans and they make WEAK coffee. Not to rant or anything, but I can almost look at a cup and watch the darkness and opacity of the liquid and tell how the coffee will taste. Down at their house last weekend, I could SEE THROUGH THE WHOLE POT!

Measuring and grinding my own beans for my manual drip brewing system produces variable results: Too finely ground, the coffee is too strong and bitter. Too coarse, and the coffee is weak. However, I see this as a rewarding, involving challenge each day.

* * *

A warm day dawns, with cotton-ball clouds lit warm pink atop Georgetown today. Spring is nearly here, and my house needs tending.

* * *

Still feeling that awkward, listlessness. Selling the car (or, at least, coming to terms on it) has me excited, scared, and mildly depressed, if only because the car is my last tie to who I was--broke but happy in a materialistic sort of way. I was a car Epicurean, sampling and resampling autos all the time.

Soon, I'll be just another fart, bench racing and lusting after fine horses I can't have. I smile at that, because I know IT'LL BE OKAY :-) Good things come to those who wait, save, invest and plan. Which is what I plan on doing today.

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