Lots of exciting stuff today...

Interesting article on Scott Adams's rare condition that makes him unable to speak.

Pretty cool, affirming story, actually.

* * *

Kentucky is presently down 31-26 to Mississippi in the 2nd, and the office is a ghosttown.

Haven't been moved to blog much lately. MINI still sits unsold, after offers from Carmax ($13k) and Frank Shoop ($12.5k), Whitney and I are trying to be patient. Seen some E30's that've caught my eye, as well as some Chevy Prizms (don't laugh...)

Only thing on the E30's is their age. I've narrowed to either a 1987-1991 325is or 318is as my target vehicle, but neither will be as practical, reliable, or fuel efficient as a prizm. From what I hear, a prizm will get 38+ mpg on the highway w/a 5spd, and last forever. Not a rewarding drive, but that's okay.

Strong storms headed our way in KY tonight and through the weekend...hope all goes well.

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