Happiness is the sound of your CC's being shredded...

Whitney and I took a big step on the Dave Ramsey bandwagon last night: We cut up and then shredded our Credit Cards. We had everything from Shell, to discover, to MasterCard, to JC Penny's. All gone :-)

I've never been more proud of her.

We're looking for a new (used) couch, so we're heading up to a furniture store liquidation auction tomorrow morning in Cynthiana. The stars have perfectly aligned: We just got a windfall from my huge LXK bonus ( coupla hundred $$), and Jeff's graciously allowed us to drive his newly tuned-up truck up there (for the price of a tank of gas). Awesomeness.

Now, if I can just find a decent couch for not too much dough...:-)

* * *

But who says 'dough' these days?

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