7:15 am, Friday March 24

Hungry and frustrated. The bed was comfortable (it was a BED, not an airplane seat...yay!), but Im still jet-lagged. Need...coffee...

India didn't come through for me (at least, not yet). We're due @ UBS around 8am, and we haven't eaten yet.

Met some interesting people yesterday...Kurt, the guy w/cool blue eyes and a quick smile who seems to be under a great deal of pressure, Yvonne the 6-foot-tall middle aged gal who's our main contact. All were nice, and UBS seems much like any other large corporation, when you get down to it--cubes and politics and processes to follow for everything.

Saw nothing of Zurich except for my hotel & UBS, aside from our 1km walk back from UBS last night. Have seen more fine German automobiles than ever in my life...mmm....:)

* * *

All I'm left with today is hope--hope that we'll somehow figure out why the databases won't let us write as expected, hope that I don't have to spend the weekend in this foreign place away from all I know, hope that I don't look like a fool for not being well enough prepared. . .

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