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(this is written with a grin on my face...)

Reason I didn't invite anyone to Myspace, hi5, or any other such place? I think they're dumb, self-masturbatory places that are like blog-comments gone bad. I don't go on the internet to participate in anarchistic community, which is what I view myspace to be. The site has no point, those who run it keep it alive just to do market research on the communication patterns of the young.

There's a thinly-veiled dark side there, moreseo than the rest of the internet. While an IP address provides anonymity, myspace breaks that and goes further than your worst mafia nightmare. Looking for someone? go on myspace. Given the 6-degrees of separation principle, you can probably find the person you're looking for. My contention is, live long enough and you'll WANT to avoid that letch, scheister, dope fiend, con artist, stalker, rapist, drug dealer, child molester, or just banal annoying person you knew umpteen years ago.

Information is power, and myspace and sites like it move your information into the public realm in a laughably easy manner. Begs the question why I have a hi5, myspace , etc., profile.

That will be taken care of tonight. Good to have a project when I get home :-)

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