The MINI remains the same...

May Zep forgive me for a pun...

* * *

The Pup's still glorying as our garage queen of January, awaiting his next playful buyer with more money, affection, and less debt. We've lowered the price from our original $18,500 to $17,500 and we've yet to have one serious interested buyer. We've advertised on autotrader,,, (MINI club site), and in the Lexington Herald-Leader (regular classified ad), but no bites yet.

To keep the fluids and seals fresh, we drove him around Saturday down to Sam's and recalled how harsh the ride is, but how sweet the handling, steering, and shifter are.

So, this puts us at a crossroads...wait it out, lower the price, or forget it altogether. I don't really see the latter as an option--we need out of debt, and we're doing all we can to achieve that. Hopefully, with selling the mini and our forthcoming tax return (no whammies, no whammies, STOP!!), we'll be much closer than we are right now.

In any case, we've hit an inflection point, and I'm very pleased by that.

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