:-) Marital bliss.

With the MINI washed, detailed and snug in the garage, we're now a one car family, and I can tell this is going to be fun :-) Getting me to work involves getting everyone out of bed, loading the car, driving me to work and them going back home. And, I'm not the best passenger in traffic. (Sorry, honey!)

But the day did start off very well (); let's hope it's better than yesterday. I was in a real funk yesterday, thanks to my Mom, who's convinced a used car is always "somebody else's problem" in all circumstances. Since every car on the road is a "used" car, I disagree. Granted, some people take care of their cars, and some don't but keeping things in perspective, no one needs more than a $4k-$8k car. Our Intrigue was in that range, and it's a marvelous car so far. I've had AAA for three years now through work and it works.

Everything breaks; you just need a well-manufactured car (no Chryslers!) that's easy to repair and relatively simple. And no rust, if possible.

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