It's a fur suhl

The rather depressing link

The Pup, my one and only, my truest automotive love, my daily driver, my autocross mount, my introduction to all things BMW, is up for sale.

I'm trying to cash-out the equity I have in it, pay off CC's and Whitney's Intrigue ("Sharkey") and get something fun, but lots less pricey. Full coverage insurance + $600/year in property taxes suck. I really don't want to begin the new year living AT my means the way I have been. When you're a Dave Ramsey follower, and a Christian in general, there comes a time where you have to make hard decisions--decisions about following God and securing the lives of your family.

Let's face it...I don't know where my job's going overall, and this moves us from making 2 big payments / month to being able to save, both long-, intermediate-, and short-term.

Does it hurt? Damn straight it does. I ordered that car to my exact specifications, waited for 6 months for its arrival, and have enjoyed driving it from the first 2000+ mile month (1200 miles in 10 days!), through two ice storms, blizzards, and innumerable autocrosses. Its introduced me to the world of SCCA, and wondrous people both rich and not-so-rich. Throughout it all, it's taken all I could dish out, and asked for more.

She groans and creaks a bit here and there, but after a nice detail, she shines up nicely:

so, we'll see. I have it listed at a fairly high price, but I believe its worth it given the condition and extras I've included--tint, tires, new brakes, interior upgrades, rear foglights, etc.

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