Church, a bad rally, and a long winter's nap

Church was amazing today, with the music, atmosphere, message, and Sunday school coming together perfectly. I was very glad to be there.

Gary had a rally today, and I stank it up horribly. It was a straight TSD, without all mileages, so I had to navigate using mileages and times AFTER each offset. I was irritable, intense, and it turned out, I did it for nothing--we came in 4th out of 5 cars, beaten by two novices. Along the way, I managed to act like a baby, screw-up my calculations, and forget to feed Whitney the next instruction (we got lost in Stamping Ground...)

To survive heads-down navigation with my incredible motion-sickness, I have to pop a Dramamine before the rally, and it caused me to zonk a around 5:30, sleeping until 10:30.

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