Vent, Chapter 1

As I look out towards the new year, I just want to vent. I want to give voice to the few doubts and fears I have...

I'm working at a company that doesn't have much of a reason to exist, making mediocre products that my customers dislike more with each passing iteration, working on a new product that will either fail outright or never be used.

Despite the above, I have a rough time relaxing this week...this car fever has me in its grip for two reasons--I've always wanted a BMW, but I love my MINI. I don't love it more than I'd love being out of debt and in secure financial shape.

I'm beating-up myself for not doing things..things I promised myself I'd do this time off: selling some stuff on ebay, organizing my finances, exercising, relaxing, reading. I've pretty much done none of it.

:-) Every vacation is like takes me until a certain day to 'detox' from my workaholism, and then I can finally relax.

Thanks for listening

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